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youhavenoflare by FlaRe
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Txaber born in 1969, is a graphic designer from Bilbao, Spain. He studied Graphic Design at CVNP (Bilbao). Since then, he have worked for various design studios getting great professional experience in the different areas of design. He believe that “Experimentation is a constant in my work. They say everything is invented and I struggle every day to go against”.

With an extreme attention to detail, TXABER’s work is something to keep an eye on as their portfolio grows.


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Tolga GirginCalligraffiti, Lettering and Graphic Designer / Electrical Engineer

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Neon Sign Installations by Olivia Steele

Based in Berlin, Olivia Steele is an artist who uses light and neons to add meaning and irony to a place. She creates spiritual baselines we can interpret as we want, by working a lot on typography and the style of her letters. Her work is to discover in bars, in cities and on photographs.

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Piece of Cake, Still Font is a self initiated typographic project that explores the connections between type and still life. by Luda Galchenko via Étapes.

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Universal Typeface

Sponsored by BIC the lighter and pen company wondered after 100 billion produced pens if there is a universal pen for a universal handwriting. This experiment allows and involves individuals all around the world to contribute their handwriting. The site inivites you to spell 26 english letters with completing the task of your country, age, gender and industry to specify the character of each letter better. So far the brand has collected 434763 characters from 99 countries. The experiment will be published as a typeface in august. Have a look!

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Great campaign by Lightfarm Studios. “Letters can kill.”

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Atypical by Pawel Nolbert

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And some lettering by thorn + sparrow.

And some lettering by thorn + sparrow.

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 Juan Nava and “Letras recuperadas”

 Juan Nava and “Letras recuperadas”

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Wete Typography Works

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“The Ice Typography” series by Nicole Dextras, a Canadian environmental artist, gathers some 3D words in ice that the artist has made thanks to wooden splints. From the city of Toronto to the Yukon river, these poetic installations show the words as ephemeral and in perpetual evolution.

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The A to Z of TV,  Tom Mc Carten.

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Benoit Challand is the french designer and typographer from Paris who wants to renovate design with his awesome 3D lettering sculptures. Specialized in CGI design and art direction his work encompasses a large range of 3D field creation, design, illustration and art direction.

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